In this season of “Take3”, we share a series of 3-minute audio clips of influencers Tamara Parris and Rosa Antonia Carrillo discussing the topic of how “Relationships Build your Safety Culture”, as well as Rosa’s new book, “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” which is on Amazon.

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This is our first post from Theme One – “Relationships Build your Safety Culture”.

In this episode, Rosa and Tamara chat about eight foundational beliefs that successful leaders have about human nature. These beliefs are discussed in Rosa’s upcoming book on why building the right relationships is the only way to achieve these goals, and how successful leaders are doing it.


Tamara’s Question:

In your upcoming book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership,” which is about Relationship Centered Leadership (RCL) designed to help leaders build engagement and trust with their teams and is coming out this May 2019, you mention “Eight Beliefs” of relationship-centered leaders.

How did you arrive at “eight” beliefs?

Rosa’s Answer:

I have been careful not to say “THE” eight beliefs because there are more. As humans, our decisions and actions are based on what we believe to be true. A leader’s beliefs about human nature determine how they treat people, and consequently their level of engagement. If we believe people want to do the right thing and contribute we tend to listen to them and respect them. If we believe they are trying to get out of work and don’t care, then we tend to micromanage and disregard their input. The book is an exploration into why some leaders are able to achieve excellence in safety and business results under the same conditions that others fail. What I discovered from my experiencing coaching managers and their teams is that there were eight beliefs that came up most frequently in my research and conversations with successful leaders.

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