Take 3 | Season One

In this season of “Take3”, we share a series of 3-minute audio clips of chats between influencers Tamara Parris and Rosa Antonia Carrillo about how relationships build our safety culture, and about Rosa’s new book, “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership,” which is expected to be released May 2019!

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We decided to look at “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” according to three different themes that are found throughout the book.

Theme One – “Relationships Build your Safety Culture”.

Our first discussion is about how relationships build our safety culture. Why are relationships so important? What are the leadership attributes that contribute to a culture of safety excellence?

Overall thoughts on how relationships build your safety culture.
(Influencers Rosa Carrillo and Tamara Parris)

Post oneWhy Eight beliefs? What do inclusion and belonging have to do with safety performance?

Audio clip of “Why Eight beliefs?

Post Two

Post two – Rosa discusses why the concept “people are not machines.” is important to remember.

Audio clip of “people are not machines

Theme Two –

We talk about psychological safety– how does it impact safety performance? What are the recurring leadership actions that set the standards for excellence and psychological safety?

Theme Three –

We chat about why we hear from so many employees that “lack of management visibility” impairs trust and safety performance. It turns out successful leaders rely on conversations at all levels to get the information they need to make good decisions and allocate resources. Conversations are the vehicle for change and determine what happens in your organization.

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