The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership: Achieving Success through Employee Engagement.

“Imagine your workplace filled with employees willing to fully engage in speaking up to stop unsafe practices, taking ownership of continuous improvement, and proud to pass on these values to newcomers.”

By Rosa A. Carrillo

About the book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” which is now on Amazon.

At the core of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership are eight beliefs about human nature that are common to leaders who successfully communicate that safety is important while meeting business results. Using stories and business language the book explains how to create and recover important stakeholder relationships by setting priorities and taking action based on these beliefs.

The beliefs are based on the author’s 25 years of experience supporting operational and safety leaders with successful and unsuccessful change efforts in nuclear, mining, manufacturing and power generation in multiple countries. The author also offers compelling evidence from many social and scientific disciplines that support the conclusion that satisfying our need for relationship is a major motivator.

The book provides managers and supervisors with the motivation to build relationships and points to the mindset leaders need to succeed with the Five Orientations to Conversation Model.

Going beyond communication techniques it offers a perspective on solving complex problems when confronted with multiple demands. It addresses how our state of mind influences our ability to listen, gather data, interpret it, and lead a group through implementation with clarity and flexibility. The book is written for managers and leaders, at all levels, concerned with occupational health and safety, and wishing to learn how to leverage relationships to achieve higher employee engagement and performance.

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Rosa Antonia Carrillo, MSOD 1.562.596.8537 

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