In this season of “Take3”, we share a series of 3-minute audio clips of influencers Tamara Parris and Rosa Antonia Carrillo discussing the topic of how “Relationships Build your Safety Culture”, as well as Rosa’s book, new book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership” which is on Amazon.

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This is our second post from Theme One – “Relationships Build your Safety Culture”.

In this episode, Rosa and Tamara chat about how people are not machines and the power of “safety” as an internal belief. 

Tamara’s Question:

In your book “The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership,” which is about Relationship Centered Leadership (RCL) designed to help leaders build engagement and trust with their teams and is coming out this May 2019, you share with us the expression “people are not machines.”

Why is that important to you?


Rosa’s Answer:

I first read this expression when I learned about the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant recovery in 1996. It had been shut down because the Nuclear Regulatory Commission verified that there was retaliation against employees who expressed safety concerns. The management culture had a view that emotions and feelings were not relevant at work, and that employees were more like machines and could be programmed or forced into compliance. As management learned more about the impact of their actions on employees, they realized that they had to change their view to one where employees were worth respecting and had valuable information to share. They also realized that they had to gain back the trust of employees to make the plant safe.

This means that rules, training, and laws are not enough to run a safe plant. We must take the emotional needs of everyone into consideration, one of which is the need to belong and to be respected.

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