Safety Changemaker: Culture ~ Rosa Carrillo with Edgar Schein and Sidney Dekker (Part One)

In this episode, Rosa Antonia Carrillo is joined by friends Ed Schein and Sidney Dekker to address questions from our EHS Professional members regarding “Safety Culture”. We kick off the discussion by asking: How useful is the concept of “Safety Culture” for accident and disaster prevention?

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15 thoughts on “Safety Changemaker: Culture ~ Rosa Carrillo with Edgar Schein and Sidney Dekker (Part One)

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    1. The Win, Win, Win strategy of a “No Blame Safety Culture” within the construction industry liberates employees; gives them the freedom to report close calls and near-miss events which have a real effect on health and safety. For Example, No one wants to be blamed for a work-related injury or illness, and no one wants to get a friend in trouble for a small cut. This type of gap creates a knowledge barrier that affects the reporting of near miss events. Thus safety practitioners must incorporate a Near Mill Reporting System. For Example Caterpillars R.E.P.O.R.T. IT Near Miss Reporting system is wildly successful. It’s that magical moment that every Safety Practitioner lives for “Ownership of the Safety Culture”.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. re Safety Changemaker: Season Two – Rosa Carrillo with Edgar Schein and Sidney Dekker. Edgar Schein mentioned Renee amal bertiemoore or something. what was that persons name?

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    1. Dennis -you’re looking for a mobile platform which will allow ALL staff to report Near Misses -filling in cards for later transcription won’t do it for you…

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  3. Commenting Members Name: Tanya Hewitt

    Comment: I just wanted to thank you for this podcast – specifically the one on culture with Schein and Dekker! Two of the giants that I try to follow, and in one podcast – fantastic! I am not sure if Todd Conklin would have been able to achieve on his podcast. I am also enjoying learning more about Tamara, as I did not know of her, but I am glad to see a Canadian and a female on the safety podcast circuit. I am also learning about other people and other topics – I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do!

    Tamara’s Reply:

    Hi Tanya

    Thank you very much for your kind words and support. I am also a safety profession so I try to have a conversation that will be of value for doing our jobs in the real world. I enjoy pushing myself to think more out of the box and progress how I am engaging with my team about safety.

    Sidney was great to speak with, very respectful and really listens to understand your point. I constantly have his voice saying look at the “what” in my head now. Ed is a wealth of knowledge from decades of experience, I now always think about what company am I referencing for a supportive argument, instead of making a general reference. Thanks, Ed! My friends Rosa and Nicole (she is behind the scenes) have both been an incredible support to getting this podcast up and running, so I would like to thank them for all their support.

    Thank you for reaching out and letting me get to know you also 🙂



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