With an Influencer and you!

Taking time to learn from one another’s life experience and ideas.

Take3 is about providing an “open door”, collaborative place for serious discussions with one another within an environment of respect and trust.

The Take3 Network provides you with the opportunity to listen, and participate, in live discussions on health, safety, quality and security (HSQ/S) related topics.

The unique offering of the Take3 Network is we also share our own working discussions, between leading industry influencers, in our Take3 mini-podcast series. These are 3-minute audio clips of a discussion between various influencers. As well, we provide access to other Take3 members podcasts programs, like the Safety Changemaker with social influencer Tamara Parris.

Please stop into our Take3 Network Whats app group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/D0C9QW9gWpbEIwwkOAJAT0 to chat with other members live.

Take the opportunity now! Click “subscribe” in the “sidebar” of this page and become involved in our extensive network of HSQ/S and industry professionals. Then come on and join the discussions!

We hold open-discussions on important, innovative ideas and current industry topics once, every four months. We do this because we want to make an impact on the future of our fields, occupational health, safety, quality, and security.

We share the details about our upcoming open discussion sessions to only those in the Take3 network, so please subscribe.

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